Institute for Free Speech Welcomes Summer Research Intern, Alec Greven

May 11, 2020   •  By Scott Blackburn   •  

Alec Greven has joined the Institute for Free Speech as a Research Intern for the summer of 2020. He is based in the Research Department, where he will assist with a variety of work relating to political expression.

Alec is a rising senior at the University of Richmond and is double majoring in Leadership Studies and PPEL (Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law). He is a New York Times bestselling author published in over 20 languages. Additionally, he works as an External Reviewer for Stance, an international undergraduate philosophy journal, and as a Staff Writer for his campus newspaper, The Collegian.

Alec has worked closely with free expression issues for several years now. At the University of Richmond, Alec has been actively involved in reforming his campus’ free speech policies. Additionally, he recently received a grant to conduct a research project with Dr. Jessica Flanigan on the incompatibility of speech codes with the guiding principles of higher education institutions. As Alec explains, “I am extremely passionate about the First Amendment and ensuring that everyone has the right to speak. As I’ve learned from my experience on campus, a culture of open inquiry is vital to both the foundational purpose of democracy and the mission of higher education. I look forward to applying that passion and experience to protect Americans’ speech rights outside of campus too.”

Alec’s main responsibility in his time at IFS will involve conducting research on political expression, culminating in an independently authored research project. He will also contribute to the Institute’s blog with original commentary on newsworthy free speech issues and help the Institute’s Media Manager with the compilation of the organization’s signature Daily Media Update.

We look forward to benefiting from Alec’s contributions and insights this summer. Please join us in welcoming him to our team!

Scott Blackburn

Scott Blackburn

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