Charles Miller Joins the Institute for Free Speech as Senior Attorney

May 23, 2023   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech is excited to announce that Charles “Chip” Miller has joined the Institute as a Senior Attorney

Bradley A. Smith Highlights Critical Importance of Free Political Speech at Committee on House Administration Hearing

May 11, 2023   •  By IFS Staff   •  , , ,

Institute for Free Speech Chairman and Founder Bradley A. Smith discussed the fundamental importance of safeguarding Americans’ ability to speak freely at a House ...

Institute for Free Speech Files Amicus Brief in Case Challenging Constitutionality of Criminal Libel Laws

May 5, 2023   •  By Tom Garrett   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech has filed an amicus brief supporting Frese’s position. As the brief explains, the law of criminal libel raises fears ...

The Institute for Free Speech Welcomes Two New Attorneys

May 2, 2023   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech is happy to announce the addition of two new attorneys to its legal team in recent months, Brett Nolan ...

How Overbroad Laws Threaten Free Expression

May 1, 2023   •  By Alec Greven   •  ,

On Monday March 27, 2023, the Supreme Court heard the case United v. Hansen. The issue in the case is how broadly the government ...

Does the First Amendment Allow a Government Official to Make Threats Like a Mob Boss?

April 19, 2023   •  By Barnaby Zall   •  ,

What would you do if a powerful government regulator “suggested” you drop one of your customers because she didn’t like the customer’s political speech? ...

Fact Check: Business Interests Did Not Spend $3.5 Billion on Political Contributions in 2022

February 28, 2023   •  By Alec Greven   •  , ,

In January 2023, OpenSecrets, an organization dedicated to tracking money in politics, published the startling claim that in the 2022 election cycle “business interests” ...

Don’t Let Arizona Politicians Sign Away your Rights

February 22, 2023   •  By Alec Greven   •  , , ,

Here’s yet another sign that your First Amendment rights are under attack by politicians – a ban on political signs.

2022 Midterm Election Cases Again Show that Money Cannot Buy Elections

December 13, 2022   •  By Alec Greven   •  ,

While there were many interesting results in this year’s 2022 midterms, the claim that money can simply buy elections was notably dealt another serious ...

PayPal’s Policy Change Demonstrates Users Won’t Tolerate Vague Speech Taxes

December 1, 2022   •  By Alec Greven   •  ,

It has not been a good month at PayPal. On November 3rd the online payment platform would have brought into effect a policy change ...

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