LTE: Protect speech

September 28, 2023   •  By David Keating   •  ,

The rich shouldn’t be able to weaponize frivolous litigation to stifle speech — and Pennsylvania lawmakers have an opportunity to ensure they can’t.

NJ flips to strongly protecting free speech from lawsuits

September 28, 2023   •  By David Keating   •  ,

Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed a new law — passed unanimously by both houses of the legislature — that strengthens the free speech rights ...

Institute for Free Speech Hails New Jersey Becoming 33rd State with an Anti-SLAPP Law

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September 8, 2023   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The new law will protect against frivolous lawsuits targeting speech

Updated Oregon Anti-SLAPP Law

August 1, 2023   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

Oregon's new anti-SLAPP law codifies the right to an immediate (interlocutory) appeal

Coalition Letter in Support of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s Veto of House Bill 1236

May 26, 2023   •  By IFS staff   •  , ,

PDF of letter available here Dear Governor Stitt: The undersigned organizations, which represent a broad coalition across the political spectrum, thank you for vetoing ...

Free speech threatened if legislators override veto

May 23, 2023   •  By David Keating   •  ,

A bill that could soon become law, House Bill 1236, would undermine the Oklahoma Citizens Protection Act (OCPA). The OCPA created one of the ...

Opinion: Bill endangers the ability of Texans to speak freely

May 5, 2023   •  By David Keating   •  ,

Texans should take pride in the fact that their state has one of the strongest free-speech protections against frivolous lawsuits in the country.  Unfortunately, a bill currently ...

The Free Speech Indices and You

August 17, 2022   •  By Luke Wachob   •  , , , ,

For the past several years, the Institute for Free Speech research team has been hard at work assessing and comparing how political speech is ...

An Open Letter in Support of the Uniform Law Commission’s Uniform Public Expression Protection Act

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June 23, 2022   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The undersigned organizations represent an array of views across the political spectrum, which often results in disagreements on certain issues. Yet protection from meritless ...

Anti-SLAPP Statutes: A Report Card

February 28, 2022   •  By Dan Greenberg & David Keating   •  ,

Anti-SLAPP statutes prevent abuse of the legal system by providing additional defenses to those who are sued for exercising their First Amendment rights. The ...

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