Watchdog Group Sues Colorado City Over Campaign Law That Violates Freedom of the Press

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June 3, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

Yesterday, represented by attorneys from the Institute for Free Speech, the Lakewood Citizens Watchdog Group filed a federal lawsuit challenging a Lakewood, Colorado law ...

Gun Rights Group Sues Wyoming for Violating its First Amendment Rights

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June 2, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

The Wyoming Gun Owners (WyGO) late yesterday sued Wyoming in federal court, saying the state unconstitutionally regulates its speech about public policy as campaign advertisements.

Institute for Free Speech Welcomes Two New Attorneys

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May 27, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech announced the additions of Senior Attorney Julie Smith and Attorney Martha Astor. Smith and Astor will help the Institute ...

Candidates Fined for Criticizing Governor’s Agenda Will Get Their Day in Court

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After seven years, a Connecticut court will finally rule on a First Amendment challenge brought by two former General Assembly candidates who were fined ...

IFS Adds Two New Senior Attorneys, Promotes Owen Yeates to Senior Attorney and Deputy VP for Litigation

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April 20, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech will have three new senior attorneys following the addition of two experienced litigators and the promotion of Owen Yeates. ...

School Board Candidate Sues Florida to Protect His Right to Tell Voters He’s a Republican

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April 15, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

With the help of the Institute for Free Speech, Kells Hetherington filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Florida law he was punished for violating. Candidates have ...

Senate Testimony: S. 1 Would Suppress Speech, Violate the First Amendment

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March 24, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

Institute for Free Speech Chairman Bradley A. Smith testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration that S. 1 threatens free speech and Americans' privacy.

House Passes Direct Assault on Free Speech

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March 3, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech released the following statement in reaction to a vote by the House of Representatives to pass H.R. 1, a ...

Amicus Brief: The First Amendment Guarantees All Americans’ Right to Privacy

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March 2, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

The Institute for Free Speech filed an amicus brief yesterday urging the Supreme Court to strike down California’s requirement that charities provide state officials ...

Analysis: H.R. 1’s Speech Provisions are Unconstitutional and Harmful to Democracy

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February 22, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

The Institute for Free Speech published an analysis today of three major sections of H.R. 1 that would trample on First Amendment rights. The provisions would invade the ...

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