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Internet Speech: A Boon to Civic Engagement

January 1, 2018  •  By IFS Staff  •    •  

The internet is an empowering and diversifying medium capable of uplifting marginalized voices. It has allowed more Americans to meaningfully participate in political dialogue and access more information and speech than ever before. It has enabled the average person to initiate and participate in movements for political and social change and to challenge power and authority. In the internet age,…

When Speech Bans Aren’t So Foreign

October 23, 2018   •  By Eric Peterson   •  , ,

Well before the 2018 midterms were underway, a number of social media companies were working to curb activity by foreigners aimed at influencing U.S. elections on their ...

TechFreedom Coalition Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions

September 25, 2018   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

TechFreedom Coalition Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions We write to express our concern over your plans to convene a meeting of state attorneys ...

The Internet Doesn’t Need a Fairness Doctrine

September 4, 2018   •  By Eric Peterson   •  ,

Another day, another call for government intervention in free speech on the Internet. President Trump recently took to Twitter to decry supposed censorship of conservatives. He suggested that Google ...

Social Media Platforms are Censoring Everyone, Not Just Conservatives

August 22, 2018   •  By Eric Peterson   •  ,

Over the weekend, President Trump took to Twitter to complain about social media companies censoring conservatives. The President also declared that his administration would not let this supposed censorship ...

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