Tiffany Donnelly Joins Institute for Free Speech as Media Manager

November 7, 2019   •  By IFS Staff   •  
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The Institute for Free Speech is excited to welcome Tiffany Donnelly to our team as Media Manager.

Tiffany is a privacy advocate and civil libertarian dedicated to protecting the political speech rights of every American. She holds a B.A. in History from Brown University and a J.D. from the University of Louisville.

Prior to earning her J.D., Tiffany worked as a Paralegal at the ACLU’s National Office. Most recently, she worked at organizations focused on artistic and cultural education.

A Kentucky native, Tiffany became interested in the Institute’s mission while observing a growing contempt for political expression. She explains, “The right to political speech is a fundamental human right. The government did not grant this freedom, and the government does not have the right to take it away. Sadly, this is news to many politicians. Not coincidentally, the biggest beneficiaries of the speech-suppressing regulations preventing ordinary citizens from participating in government are the political incumbents who champion them. I am honored to join the Institute for Free Speech in the fight to protect and defend Americans’ speech, press, assembly, and petition rights.”

As Media Manager, Tiffany will manage the Institute’s daily media presence, primarily as the author of the organization’s signature Daily Media Update. In this capacity, she will monitor news sources for relevant commentary and discussions on political speech stories that IFS can engage with and contribute to and maintain the organization’s website. She will also author op-eds and blog on a variety of topical political speech subjects.

IFS Staff

IFS Staff