The Free Speech Record of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Part I

Hon. Brett Kavanaugh United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (2006-Present) This post is the first in a series exploring the free speech rulings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a federal appeals court judge reportedly being considered for Justice Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court. (Part II is here, part III is […]

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett: No Substantial Free Speech Opinions Yet

Hon. Amy Coney Barrett United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (2017-Present) Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been a judge for less than a year. In that time, unsurprisingly, she has ruled on a relatively small number of appeals. None has implicated the core questions of political speech and association that the Institute […]

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UPDATED: Judge Joan Larsen’s Record Offers Few Clues about Her Views on Free Speech

UPDATE: Since our original analysis, we have reviewed Judge Joan Larsen’s rulings and have found no new cases relating to free speech. Larsen joined the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on November 2, 2017. This analysis was originally published on January 11, 2017. Joan L. Larsen is a Justice on the […]

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Judge Amul Thapar Broadly Supportive of the First Amendment

Hon. Amul Thapar United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (2017-Present); United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky (2008-2017) Despite a decade on the federal bench, Judge Thapar has rarely been called to rule upon First Amendment claims, particularly in the context of traditional political speech. While First Amendment claims […]

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An Update on the Records of Judges Thomas Hardiman and Raymond Kethledge

Multiple news accounts, including this one in Sunday’s Washington Post, report that President Donald Trump’s shortlist includes U.S. Appeals Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana, U.S. Appeals Court Judge Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, U.S. Appeals Court Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of Maryland, U.S. Appeals Court Judge Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, and U.S. Appeals Court […]

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NAACP v. Alabama: When “Transparency” Becomes Censorship

PDF available here “It is hardly a novel perception that compelled disclosure of affiliation with groups engaged in advocacy may constitute as effective a restraint on freedom of association as [other] forms of governmental action.” – NAACP v. Alabama, 357 U.S. 449, 462 (1958) The freedom to associate with others and speak as a group […]

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FEC Should Not Dictate What Types of Ads Speakers Use

Legal Director Allen Dickerson Testifies at Hearing on Internet Ad Disclaimers Alexandria, VA – Institute for Free Speech Legal Director Allen Dickerson urged the Federal Election Commission to adopt flexible rules for online ad disclaimers at an FEC hearing Wednesday morning. “Americans must be able to use any commercially available advertising product to promote a political […]

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Speaking About Federal Elections Online Just Got Much Harder

In the midst of the 2018 primary season, Twitter recently announced a new policy regarding paid political speech on its platform. Twitter follows in the footsteps of both Facebook and Google, who recently unveiled their own policies governing paid political speech on their platforms. These new policies are a direct response to the purchase of […]

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IFS Welcomes Senior Policy Analyst Eric Peterson to External Relations Department

The Institute for Free Speech is excited to welcome Eric Peterson to the External Relations team as a Senior Policy Analyst. Prior to joining IFS, Eric was a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity, where he worked on issues ranging from pensions to occupational licensing reform. He graduated from Tulane in 2012 with degrees […]

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Twitter Loses Round One in Lawsuit Challenging User Ban

Yesterday, a California judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges Twitter’s ban of one of its former users, the controversial Jared Taylor. I may write more on the case later, but the transcript of the ruling makes for pretty entertaining reading, as far as these things go. My understanding is the ruling is permanent. […]

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