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Tax-Financed Campaigns: A Speech-Chilling, Costly, and Failed Policy

January 1, 2018  •  By IFS Staff  •    •  

Tax-financed campaigns are government-operated programs that seek to replace or supplement private, voluntary campaign contributions with government grants of taxpayer dollars to candidates who meet certain requirements. These programs, often tagged with euphemistic names such as “democracy dollars” or “clean elections,” take many forms. Some provide tax dollars to candidates based on the donations they’ve received while other programs provide…

Baltimore has bigger needs than taxpayer money for political campaigns

August 31, 2018   •  By Eric Peterson   •  , ,

At the end of July, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh signed two charter amendments, cementing their appearance on the November ballot. One of these measures ...

Markley and Sampson v. SEEC

CT SEEC Sampson
June 11, 2018   •  By IFS staff   •  , , ,

Can a candidate for the Connecticut General Assembly send a mailer opposing the policies of the governor? That is the question at the center ...

Americans Support Speech Regulation… If They Are Not Told the Facts Surrounding It

May 18, 2018   •  By Joe Albanese   •  , , ,

Last week, the Center for Public Integrity (CPI), a news outlet biased in favor of greater political speech regulation, touted recent polling by the ...

Campaign Finance Institute Report on 2016 Election Spending Shows that Money Isn’t Everything

March 20, 2018   •  By Joe Albanese   •  , ,

In politics, it’s easy for narratives to take hold before the facts have a chance to catch up. Political speech issues are no different. ...

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