Putting “Dark Money” in Context: Campaign Spending by Nonprofits per Election Cycle

May 7, 2024   •  By Helen Knowles-Gardner   •  ,

One of the principal misconceptions about “dark money” is that it accounts for a significant percentage of total campaign spending.

Institute for Free Speech Research Director Authors NAACP v. Alabama Scholarly Article

April 11, 2024   •  By IFS Staff   •  , , , ,

Institute for Free Speech Research Director Helen Knowles-Gardner has authored a scholarly article draft on the history of the important Supreme Court case NAACP ...

State Contribution Limits Report

March 11, 2024   •  By Alec Greven   •  , ,

This comprehensive report examines the limits that all 50 states place on individual contributions to campaigns for major elected offices.

Report on Inflation Adjustments to State Contribution Limits

September 19, 2023   •  By Alec Greven   •  , ,

Failure to protect campaign contribution limits from inflation harms free political speech.

Do States with Fewer Campaign Finance Regulations Have More Corruption?

May 24, 2023   •  By Alec Greven   •  , , ,

New research finds that states ranking highly for free political expression are not highly ranked states for corruption. In fact, states that have the ...

Free Speech Index

The Institute for Free Speech is pleased to present the Free Speech Index: Grading the 50 States on the Freedom To Speak About Government. ...

The Mirage of Corruption: An Analysis of the Supreme Court’s “Appearance of Corruption” Standard

August 8, 2022   •  By Alec Greven   •  , , ,

The Supreme Court’s landmark Buckley v. Valeo decision laid the foundation for modern campaign finance law in the United States. The decision rests on ...

Money’s Not Enough: The Stories Behind 2020 U.S. House Primary Money-Upsets

May 16, 2022   •  By Nathan Maxwell   •  ,

PDF available here Introduction As the 2022 midterm elections approach, we’ll no doubt see media pundits aiming to predict who will win based on ...

Anti-SLAPP Statutes: A Report Card

February 28, 2022   •  By IFS Staff   •  ,

Our 2023 Anti-SLAPP Report Card is out now. Click the image below to find the most updated anti-SLAPP information.  

Issue Analysis No. 12: Did Citizens United Harm Political Participation?

September 20, 2021   •  By Alec Greven   •  , , ,

When the Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. FEC in 2010, many critics argued it would have a devastating impact on democracy. This analysis ...

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