Letter to Texas Ethics Commission on Proposed Disclosure Statement

June 18, 2024   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

On June 17, 2024, the Institute for Free Speech sent a letter to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Texas Ethics Commission to ...

Free Speech Arguments – Episode 8: Spectrum WT v. Wendler

April 30, 2024   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

Spectrum WT v. Wendler, argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on April 29, 2024.

Senior Attorney Brett Nolan Analyzes Gonzalez v. Trevino with the Federalist Society

March 29, 2024   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

Institute for Free Speech Senior Attorney Brett Nolan joined the Federalist Society’s "A Seat at the Sitting" program to break down Gonzalez v. Trevino

NetChoice v. Paxton

March 18, 2022   •  By Scott Blackburn   •  , ,

Our nation has a rich history of respecting private businesses’ expressive rights, while acknowledging that sometimes their centrality to the operation of civic life ...

Another Day, Another (Employee PAC) Dollar Misrepresented

October 27, 2021   •  By Tiffany Donnelly   •  , , ,

Welcome to another absurd yet completely predictable installment of misusing disclosure data. This time, it’s the media outlet Axios misusing data and misleading the ...

City of Austin v. Reagan National Advertising of Texas

September 29, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , , ,

Austin has limited digitized billboards to only those that display “on-premises” messages, effectively prohibiting ideological or abstract messages. Austin raises various excuses to conceal ...

Houston Community College System v. Wilson

September 24, 2021   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

Most of the briefing in this case concerns a question the Court need not resolve: whether a pure censure resolution, imposed on a member ...

Two Court Cases Prove Why Free Speech Protections Still Matter at Polling Places

December 11, 2019   •  By Deborah La Fetra   •  , ,

Imagine showing up to vote on Election Day wearing a t-shirt with your favorite candidate’s slogan. The poll workers say your shirt is illegal ...

Texas Anti-BDS Law is Unconstitutional Viewpoint-Based Discrimination

Default Article
December 9, 2019   •  By IFS Staff   •  , ,

A Texas law violates the First Amendment right to engage in political boycotts, according to an amicus brief filed late Friday by the Institute ...

Lake Travis Citizens Council v. Ashley

Lake Travis
November 26, 2015   •  By IFS staff   •  , ,

Lake Travis Citizens Council (LTCC) is a small nonprofit corporation located in Travis County, Texas. The Council’s stated goal is “to make life better ...

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