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Russia isn’t out to decide our elections, they want to divide us and damage our country

January 4, 2019  •  By Eric Wang  •    •  

Like an Internet meme promoting a narrative, many now say Russia’s online propaganda in America was focused on interfering with the 2016 elections. Federal and state lawmakers introduced bills, some of which became law, on this predicate. But two reports recently released by the Senate Intelligence Committee suggest this premise is mistaken.

As the 116th Congress and new state legislative sessions convene in 2019, lawmakers and their staff should carefully study these reports before they act. The reports reveal how the Russian efforts go far beyond election interference. The real goal is outright sabotage by tearing apart America’s social fabric.

H.R. 1’s Tax-Financing Program Could Increase Political Polarization

January 17, 2019  •  By David Keating  •  ,

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of posts examining the speech-limiting effects and record of failure of taxpayer-financed campaign programs, specific ...

Newspapers Win Court Ruling on Maryland Law Regulating Online Ads

January 4, 2019  •  By IFS Staff  •  , , , ,

Alexandria, VA – The Institute for Free Speech released the following statement praising today’s ruling by the United States District Court for the District ...

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