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The IRS Should Go Ahead with Privacy Reform

February 7, 2020  •  By Luke Wachob  •  

This piece originally appeared in National Review on February 7, 2020.    The IRS isn’t known for respecting privacy. Under the Obama administration, IRS bureaucrats famously — or infamously — harassed Tea Party groups and their supporters. Decades earlier, the agency targeted feminist and LGBT groups. But reform is on the horizon, and the public seems ready. The IRS wants to end its…

Foresight is 20/20: Free Speech Developments to Follow This Year

February 12, 2020  •  By Alex Baiocco  •  , , ,

A number of trends that will continue to unfold in 2020 have the potential to significantly impact Americans’ political speech rights. As policymakers, pundits, ...

IFS Attorney Ryan Morrison to Testify on IRS Privacy Reform

February 6, 2020  •  By IFS Staff  •  ,

Institute for Free Speech Attorney Ryan Morrison will testify before the IRS tomorrow morning concerning a proposed rulemaking to protect the personal information of ...

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